DIY yarn wall hanging

These DIY yarn wall hangings are so fun and easy to make! You can be as creative as you want and with Christmas coming up, they would make great gifts! If you love the look of macrame and woven pieces, this is a great substitute if you’re a beginner crafter like me. & hey, you only need a few materials to get started!

Materials: knitting yarn/wool, wooden dowel, hacksaw if you want to cut your dowel, scissors, tape and coffee because, coffee 😉


  1. Cut your dowel. Depending on where you’re putting your wall hanging, cut your dowel to fit the space.


2. Take your yarn and cut off a length. I usually cut it longer than I need just to be safe. Remember you’re going to fold the yarn in half so it’ll end up half the size. 

3. After you’ve cut a piece of yarn and folded it in half, create your loop & make sure it looks like the picture above.


4. Pull your loop over the dowel like above. Next, take the opposite two loose ends of yarn and thread them through the loop to secure the yarn onto the dowel.


5. It should look like this! Make sure you pull it tight. This is called a larks head knot if you want to YouTube it. It may be easier to follow that way!

6. Continue all the steps above until you fill up your dowel. You can use any color you want & as many colors as you want. Coming up with fun color combos is one of the best parts! TIP- when your yarn wall hanging is laying on the table it will look full, but pick it up and you’ll notice a lot of spaces. Just keep adding more and more yarn until it looks as full as you want it to. TIP- I like to use different thickness of yarn with each wall hanging! I think it looks a little better that way.


7. Once you’re happy with the colors and fullness, you’ll need to trim it. I used blue tape like above and just cut the excess yarn off on the bottom of the tape (sorry I already did that before I took this photo). You can cut it like I did above, you can cut it into a straight line, a diagonal, whatever you want! TIP- add wooden beads and/or braid a couple sections of yarn to give it an extra bohemian feel.


8. You can leave your wall hangings like this or add twine to each end to hang them that way. This is your DIY, so do whatever you like!

That’s it! I told you it was easy! These are so fun because you can be as creative as you want and they look so cute when hung up! These are super popular right now too, so you might as well save some money and make one yourself rather than purchase one 🙂



I can’t wait to see what yarn wall hangings you all create!

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