The apps I use every day

You don’t have to be an avid ‘Instagrammer’ to use the apps I’m about to share with you! No matter what creative field you’re in, these will definitely benefit your business. Or if you’re looking to be more creative with your business or on social media, these apps are a great starting point!

LIGHTROOM CC- I use this to edit every photo! It’s free on mobile. Take some time to find a ‘look’ you love and can create yourself. Or if you don’t have the time to do that right now, a lot of influencers now sell their presets that you can purchase, so you can always go that route too! I’ll go more in depth about Lightroom on a later post!


CANVA- Canva is what I use to make all my free printables! It’s great for resumes, flyers, printable art, media kits, etc. You can create any idea on Canva. I use the app version and laptop version. Definitely recommend no matter what business you’re in!

UNFOLD- If you’ve been looking for an app to create cute InstaStories, well this is it! This is a great app you can use to create cute picture collages you want to share. This app is perfect for Instagrammers.

8 mm- This app takes vintage looking videos! It has a ton of different settings and is just really fun to use. This one is great for InstaStories too!

TEZZA- The Tezza app is another great photo editing app! There are presets already created that you can edit your own photos with! She also has ‘dust’ filters if you want to take your photos to a more creative level. It’s super easy to use and great if you’re not interested in creating your own preset/filter.


PICFLOW- This app is great if you want to make a short video/slideshow to put into your InstaStories! If you don’t want to share 50 individual pictures from your last trip, you can just add them into a slideshow that your followers can watch. This app is super user friendly.

PLANN- I use this app to plan out my Instagram feed! I try and plan out a week’s worth of shots and will use this app to see what order I like best and to see what looks most cohesive.

WORDSWAG- WordSwag is a great, user friendly app I use to get eye catching text on a photo. This app is great for InstaStories, YouTube banners, Facebook banners etc.


I hope these apps are a good starting point if you’re just starting out or help you take your creative juices to the next level! Take some time to learn each app and see what features you love most.

Also, if you’re curious about my outfit, well let me tell ya a little bit about that too! This sweater and skirt are both from ChicWish. Both are so perfect for fall! This sweater is so soft and has a scalloped neckline (it’s hard to see in these shots) and comes in two other colors. This skirt is the perfect length, even for a shorty like me and is so comfortable! & who doesn’t love leopard? You can shop both of these products below!

You can shop my leopard midi here

You can shop my scalloped sweater here

I hope you all have a great week!! Love ya!

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