27 things I learned in year 27

  1. Jesus will never ever fail you
  2. Life isn’t a race. Go at your own pace
  3. It’s ok to give yourself some grace. Give yourself a ton of grace if you need it
  4. Being vulnerable is life changing
  5. Don’t live your days running on ‘E’, make sure you take time to ‘refill your tank’
  6. Coffee makes every day better
  7. Marriage is amazing. Yes, it has its rough patches but it’s definitely a gift
  8. You’re not falling behind. Quit playing the comparison game
  9. Working out is key to feeling mentally healthy. I’m not kidding, this has helped me so much!
  10. Chips = love of my life
  11. Your hard work WILL pay off. Don’t give up
  12. Drowning out the noise of the world will help you hear God’s voice and will help you hear clear direction for your life
  13. Getting outside once a day is good for the soul
  14. Let the weird you shine. It’s quite exhilarating 😉
  15. Love those around you, even if they think differently
  16. Dogs are God’s best creation
  17. Loving with all you have is scary and it can hurt, but it’s so worth it
  18. Following your dreams is also scary, but like I said, SO worth it!
  19. Having a relationship with Jesus is different than being a Christian
  20. Star Wars is still the best movie of all time, with LOTR coming in at a possible tie
  21. Reading fiction is a great way to turn your brain off
  22. It’s Always Sunny is still the best show ever created
  23. You want to travel? Travel!
  24. Living in a van is freaking awesome
  25. You’re never alone. Jesus is always sitting right next to you cheering you on
  26. Dan is a dream boat with or without a beard #hehe #lol
  27. I’m still a child. Adulting is for the birds- whatever that saying means
My 28th birthday was last week, so in honor of that I thought I’d share these 27 truths I learned this past year. Thanks for reading along! You know I love ya!

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