Cheap date ideas

What are some cheap, different date night ideas? I actually get this question a lot! Going out to eat is great and all (I mean, I loooove good food) but sometimes you want to do something a little different or you don’t want to spend $50 on a meal you could’ve made at home for $10. Dan actually hates going out to eat, he thinks it’s the biggest waste of money (it’s that logical brain of his) so you’ve asked the right gal about cheap but fun date nights!

For me, quality time (totes my love language) is my jam! I don’t really mind what Dan and I are doing as long as we’re not distracted and we’re spending some good ole QT (as Dan likes to say) together. Now Dan’s love language is not quality time so things can get a little tricky. My idea of QT isn’t always the same as his, so we have to do a little compromising. Ya know, that whole compromise thing that marriage is all about 😉

Here are some ideas Dan and I love to do together or want to do together in the future. We’re pretty laid back people, so these aren’t anything over the top romantic, but they’re practical and fun!

  • Go for a hike/walk- this is actually one of my favorite things to do with Dan! No phones, just us, the dogs and nature.
  • Movie night in! Grab lots of snacks, pop some popcorn and watch a movie together
  • Go for a drive- this is another one of my faves! Take a scenic drive, grab some coffee and just chat about life, your relationship and future goals
  • Make dinner together! I think making dinner at home is better than going out to eat. Just my opinion though 😉
  • If you have similar hobbies, spend a day doing one of those! Ice skating, snowboarding, running (we don’t do this lol), mountain biking, whatever you two love to do!
  • Go fishing
  • Play a game at home. Dan and I have been playing a lot of Yahtzee haha
  • Have a picnic, when it warms up of course. Another one of my faves! Grab a blanket, bring a few snacks, find a random field (or use your backyard) and have some good ole QT 😉
  • Watch Netflix or funny videos- Dan and I do this way more than we should
  • Have a Star Wars or Lord of the Rings movie marathon
  • Learn a new skill together
  • Sip your morning coffee together
  • Go camping. We use our van, but hammocks are cheap!
  • Watch the sunrise or sunset
  • Dress up at home and share a bottle of wine. Now that’s fancy stuff 😉
  • DIY something
  • Go grab ice cream or froyo
  • Go see a matinee movie- it’s way cheaper. Oh and bring your own candy 😉
  • Go thrifting. Dan seriously loves shopping at Salvation Army
  • Turn your phones off and just relax together

These are easy, doable and budget friendly date ideas! Even designating two-three hours a week to spend together makes a huge difference. In order to grow as a couple you need to make time for each other. I hope this post gave you some good ideas! Happy date night-ing 😉

2 thoughts on “Cheap date ideas

  1. Loved this!
    Michael and I have been playing Speed so much lately! I’ve been looking at other games to try lol. Such an easy way to bond, and put that dang phone down!



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